• Chief Executive Officer
    • CFO
      Chief Financial Officer
      • Head (F)
        Head of Finance
    • CISO
      Chief Information Security Officer
      • Head (IS)
        Head of Information Security
        • Manager (CSP)
          Manager (Cybersecurity & Privacy)
        • Manager (IT)
          Manager (Information Technology)
    • CHRO
      Chief Human Resource Officer
      • Head (HR)
        Head of Human Resource
    • GC
      General Counsel
      • Sr. MC
        Sr. Management Counsel
        • Head (RA&C)
          Head (Regulatory Affairs & Compliance)
        • Head (IPC)
          Head (Intellectual Property)
      • Sr. LC
        Sr. Legal Counsel
        • Head (LA)
          Head (Legal Affairs)
        • Head (CA)
          Head (Corporate Affairs)
    • SVP (ET)
      Sr. Vice-President (Enterprise Technology)
    • SVP (Stg)
      Sr. Vice-President (Strategy)
      • Head (CE)
        Head (Customer Engagement)
      • Head (EBM)
        Head (Enterprise Business Management)
      • Head (S&A)
        Head (Strategy & Architecture)
    • SVP (MS)
      Sr. Vice-President (Marketing & Sales)
    • SVP (Ops)
      Sr. Vice-President (Operations)
      • VP (Ops)
        Vice-President (Operations)
      • VP (SCM)
        Vice-President (Supply Chain Management)
      • VP (EPM)
        Vice-President (Enterprise Project Management)
      • VP (SM)
        Vice-President (Service Management)
        • Head (APS)
          Head (Applications & Platforms Services)
        • Head (CCS)
          Head (Cloud & Computing Services)
        • Head (IDAS)
          Head (Information, Data, & Analytics Services)
        • Head (NaTS)
          Head (Network & Telecommunications Services)
        • Head (WCS)
          Head (Workplace & Collaboration Services)