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Our Mission - 1

Mobile Liquid Engine Testing Facility

Rocket Engine Testing

Rockets are complex and expensive assets undergoing a lot of stress, especially during launch. So, their engines have to be thoroughly tested to meet demanding requirements. Depending on the nature of the propellant (solid or liquid) thrust, pressure and vibration characterization are indispensable test requirements for safe and efficient rocket launches. Hence before rocket propulsion systems are put into operational use, they are subjected to several different types of tests, in the sequence in which they are normally performed. Fuel efficiency for both solid and liquid rockets is a major concern for rocket engine designers. Characterizing the thrust provides a clear understanding of how much power can be produced with a given nozzle design. This allows engineers to compute the specific impulse of the combustion material and study the different phases of ignition, burn-in and switch-off. The following are the few tests to be performed.

Ground Testing Facilities

Globally we have (30+) Rocket Testing facilities out of which we have (2) in India and (6) out-side of USA. In respect of India, Sea- level and High-Altitude Test Facilities are at Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India and another one is at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Propulsion Complex – Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, India. Here the rocket engines are tested on the ground, under controlled conditions. A ground test program is generally required before the engine is certified for flight. The development of innovative propulsion systems requires testing in suitable facilities that reveal the efficacy of design models and allow for design refinement. The qualification process starts with ground tests and ends in vacuum chambers. The test bed should be designed to withstand the structural stresses generated by the engine during static tests, while the supply line system should provide the mass flow required by the engine to deliver the design thrust (maximum thrust of 50kN).

Why Mobile Facility Required

Even though we have multiple testing facilities for testing rocket engines in India which own and operated by private space tech companies apart from the ISRO and SHAR, lakhs of interested engineering student coming out from the 1070 Indian Universities’ every year, are not in a position to afford to built their own testing beds to test their innovative hybrid rockets or traditional rocket engines. Every year a huge number of graduates from more than 10000 engineering colleges in India are just pen and paper engineers. In fact, they have lots of theoretical knowledge with zero practical experience. Apart from the Tier 1 engineering colleges, most of Tier 2 and 3 engineering are heavy on academics but give very little significance to practical learning or hands-on training. There are little to no internships, industry visits, etc. Students have almost zero industry experience, and their knowledge is limited to the books they have studied. Students of Engineering Colleges should be given opportunity to take part in LIVE projects that would help them get ready for industry experience.

Steps towards Solvation

We, the first Registered ISRO Space Tutor of India have organized Enlightening sessions with 3500+ engineering graduates of India in 12 batches and also supported for publication of 25+ Research Papers respective researchers, have made resolution to take-up our mission to develop systems that provide rapid, efficient and affordable transportation to, from and around space destinations. In the said process, we aligned our path to create India’s First Mobile Rocket Engine Testing Facility, which will be made available for all the Universities and Engineering Colleges, for giving practical experience to the students / researchers in space technology for testing their engines at an affordable price.  Interested ones can contact us to book their slots for testing.  Our Mobile Testing Facility supports which supports testing their engines either Solid, Hybrid or Liquid propulsions and let them focus on the designing and manufacturing the rockets with thrust upto 50kN. As such, SpeceTech Startups can start building their own engines and schedule their tests in out facility without financial, time and efforts on building specially a testbed. 

How it works?

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Request a quote with expected Date of Test together with Engine specifications 

Configure Controls

Our Technical Team coordinate with you for configuring all the controls

Test & Get Reports

Test your engine to get the Instant reports for anlysis and modifications

We are thankful to Chitkara University

to identify the scope of impact of Mobile Rocket Engine Testing Facility and supported us.

Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF)

CIIF committee has approved our Mission–1 to build a Mobile Rocket Engine Testing Facility under the Government of India Scheme “Nidhi Prayas Program” towards nurturing our innovative business idea with the support from CIIF Scientific Mentorship, business network and managerial networks. We have been successful in achieving all our milestones and our Testing Facility is now completed and made available for commercial use. This facility make ease to every Engineering Graduate / Startups to test their rocket engine and succeed his in their upcoming space technology in the Indian Space-Age.